Available Positions

YEAR 2024

Motor & Powertrain Team

  1. Powertrain Engineer
  2. Electronics Engineer

Body & Aerodynamics Team

  1. Vehicle Body Design Engineer
  2. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Engineer

Communication Team

  1. Content Creator
  2. Partnership Manager
  3. 3D Animation
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Web Developer

Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics Team

  1. FEA Engineer
  2. Chassis Engineer
  3. Steering Engineer
  4. Brakes & Wheel Engineer
  5. Suspension Engineer

Multidisciplinary team

At Shireto, we want to achieve the best result for that we need the best team. We focus on setting the right process and empowering team culture. Having team members from multiple disciplines gives us the chance to be the best at the work we do. There are both technical and non-technical roles available from engineering the vehicle to developing autonomous vehicle technology alongside managing the team.  

Build an Electric F1 car

Working together with like-minded & highly motivated team members you will acquire knowledge from experts and apply that knowledge to design and develop electric F1 racing car.  

The tech in-demand

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), global passenger electric vehicle sales rising to 28% in 2030. These figures show the tremendous growth of EVs in the coming decade. And joining Shireto enables you to work on technology that is in high demand. Electric Vehicles